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Maria Källerklint​

Woman entrepreneur with a 

Great  quality of listening and discernment

Good communication and affirmation ability


Very early in my professional career, and in my very existence, I realized that people around me loved to listen to me.

And what I personally notice is that the councils or the humble points of view that I have
given them impacted their points of view about the situation that they faced at that moment.

In other words, my councils helped them to consider from a new perspective, to open up .

I have the natural ability to listen and advise others in a disinterested ways. I mean I can give you objective point of view that will make you rise above any situation you are going through.
This is the reason why I chose ICF certification as a Life Coach and Mindfulness Guide.

This training gives me the rudiment and method that Added to my Talent and natural predispositions will help you see more clearly if you want to find your voice or simply reach your goals.

So if you want help to:

To reach your goals

Improve your communication with this colleague or a family member

Establish a more harmonious relationship with your children and your others loved ones Succeed in a period of transition in life (Change of employment, retirement, Divorce, Deuil,
Children leaving home)

Visit the shop and choose the services you want.

With Love,

Maria Källerklint

Do you have any concern leave me a message below så we can talk about it.

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