Secure Web Technologies for the Enterprise

Web security technology allows employees to benefit from the advantages of cloud and mobile technology without compromising their productivity or leaving their organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. They help organizations to minimize disruptions and privacy violations, while ensuring secure corporate applications. These solutions include browser security, SaaS protections, phishing detection as well as data leakage prevention the behavior of users/entities and much more.

A reliable security solution for the web will protect information passed between the internet server and the browser. This will prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and ensure that sensitive information can’t be read if it is intercepted. This is vital especially if the information being protected is a customer’s credit card number.

A security system for web users provides the ability to monitor every browsing activity performed on the Web by enterprise users across all their Web destinations and sessions. This is essential because it enables the security solution to lower the risk of exposing businesses to critical vulnerabilities like phishing, malware, malicious extensions screen capture, and other forms of insider threat. It will also enable the solution to serve as an authentication element for initial access to SaaS applications and enforce least privilege principles, and provide a comprehensive view into all unmanaged devices (BYOD) and third party devices that are not managed by the company that are used by contractors and supply chain partners. It also helps protect the company from a broad variety of other web-based threats, risks to browsing and insider threat activities.

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